The Nasty Yellow Starburst

The Nasty Yellow Starburst

Tristin Chavis, Staff Writer

The one thing that makes me mad, is the yellow Starburst.

Why the yellow Starburst? Because you always get that one no matter what, and everyone hates that flavor and the color

Here’s the truth: the best flavors are the strawberry (pink) and the cherry (red).

Why can’t the people at Starburst just sell the red and pink flavors, then everyone will be happy.

I have never met someone that loves the yellow Starburst, and I hope I never do, or I’ll hurt them.

A website called “number fire” did a report on the favorite Starburst flavors of different people. Like I said, the worst flavor is Yellow/Lemon.

If I was to go out and do a social experiment on what’s the best Starburst flavor, more than likely they’ll say “I LOVE RED AND PINK!!”. It’s just that common.

My teacher, Mr. Neill, had said that his favorite is the Cherry or Strawberry flavor

I asked someone else what their favorite flavor is, and they said lemon (yellow). Now I’m really mad.

I’m just going to say that she likes the pink and red flavor, and she just doesn’t know it.

Why? Because why not.

Why do people even try to sell the yellow flavor?

It doesn’t just make me mad; it made others mad too.

I’m sorry if I made you mad. See ya later