The Last Chapter

Tiana Deeds, Staff Writer

The spark had dimmed and it was almost as if we were staying because we felt like we owed each other something.

That something…is a thing I couldn’t even tell you. I’ve tried to make sense of it many times before.

You needed to be free.

I needed stability.

And in the end this is where our strung out hearts lied…

We both knew I cared way too much and without a doubt you cared far too little.

The misleading and yet my naive and foolish heart still stayed.

Me a few years younger..but old enough to know better.

You a few years older…but young enough to not care.

But it was on those rare sunny days that everything seemed like it would turn out alright.

It seemed like our hearts would just fit together or like our souls had met again and it was all okay.

But the next day would bring a storm and that was the last chapter of this story called “us”.