The Fighting Razorback

The Fighting Razorback

Justin Gilmore, Staff Writer

“I’m not that guy who’s just that good at wrestling. I wanna give all of the glory to the Lord.”

Incredibly humble and dedicated Cross Creek wrestler and professional fighter Joel Faglier has been picking up traction around the school and the community. Faglier recently went to state sectionals to compete, and has an astonishing number of 15 pins at the moment.

When asked how he does this, Joel’s response was,

“This is not just me alone. I’m 100% blessed. That’s it.”

Family is everything to Joel.

“My dad is my biggest inspiration. He pushes me to do my best.” Faglier said. “My family has spent so much time and money training me, making sure I do my best.”

Competing with other wrestlers pushes Joel to fight harder, and come out on top.

“These guys come to my gym, thinking they’re gonna reign on my parade. God willing, I’m not letting that happen.”

Faglier stated that he would happily go into professional fighting, in fact, its part of the plan.

He plans to wrestle in college. After this, he hopes to go worldwide, and fight professionally alongside it. Afterwards, he wants to come back home, settle down, and give back to the community in the sport that made him into the man he is now.