Go Big Or Go Home


Gregory Barlow and Tiana Deeds

It’s about that time again, for our annual car show here at Cross Creek.

We’re all excited to see what this years car show has to offer.

Who will take home the big titles and who will go home with nothing?

There  should be an expected number of at least one hundred participants.

Senior, Blane Sterling, says he’s been apart of the car show every year since his entering into Cross Creek.

Blane says  “I’m really excited about the truck pull.”

Blane explained that he wouldn’t be participating in the show because in his words “I got a raggedy old truck”. While he may not own the best truck he does own a pretty cool dirt bike, a 125 Panterra.

He also said that we should expect two of our very own Razorbacks to participate in the show.

Blane explained that there were multiple categories participants could enter in. Best Bass, Best Exhaust, Best Foreign, Best Street Car, Truck Puller, Best American are all categories you can try your luck in.

Participants have the chance to either win plaques or trophies.

While we all hope that the show can produce some sponsors , Senior, Danielle Bovier says “It’s so hard to get sponsors”

This is Danielle’s first year actually helping out with the car show.

She added that there will be a raffle where attendees can win car cleaning products.