Ed Sheeran: Divide

Album Cover

Album Cover

Erica Dahdah, Staff Writer

Earlier in the month, Ed Sheeran released his new album Divide.

The deluxe album has a total of 16 songs. The songs range from happy and upbeat to sad and relaxing. When the album was released, old and new fans were filled with joy to listen to the new music. One of the songs, Supermarket Flowers, is written in his mom’s point of view when his grandmother passed. While the lyrics are sad, the beats of the song are rather relaxing. It is also one of my favorite songs of his off this album. One of his more popular songs off the album, Shape of You, is more upbeat and a happy song. This song is about meeting someone and falling in love with them.

All together the album is great to listen to no matter what mood you’re in whether it be happy, sad, or even if you’re in a party/clubbing mood.