JGG Brings Home Trophies

Dr. Lovett’s students win first- and second-place awards for achievements.


Gregory Barlow

Jaden Freeman, member of the JGG club. who helped bring home the recent awards.

Gregory Barlow and Barbara Rowe

Students in Dr. Cynthia Lovett’s Jobs for Georgia Graduates club recently brought home first- and second place awards for work they have done this year.


The awards were first place for Outstanding Chapter Manual and second place for Outstanding Chapter Activity.


JGG has five goals that helped them win their awards. The five goals are leadership development, social awareness, student development, civic development, and career. Outstanding Chapter Activity is about providing meals for students who go home hungry on the weekends.


JGG helps students with job resume writing, applications, job skills, interviewing, public speaking. “Things they would need in the real world,’” said Lovett. JGG helps them transition into that. The students in JGG do community service, decision making, employment, leadership development, dress for success, they also do job fairs, college tours, scholarships for students, and mainly help the students transition from high school to jobs, college, and military.


JGG stands for Jobs or Georgia Graduates, this program helps students transition from high school to work, college, or military. It is also under leadership of Georgia Department of Labor, affiliated with jobs of America, a nationally known program.


“I like to see the students grow…” Lovett said. “It’s like a flower, you plant the seed, water it, fertilize it and watch it grow into a beautiful flower.”  She transitioned from a hospital into this position to help students thrive into the work world.


Travez Moses is an active member in JGG. He feels JGG bring out your leadership and true character.


“JGG is a good organization for me because it makes me figure out what I want to do in life,” Travez said.” It keeps him on track and stay focused. He only joined JGG his senior year (this year).”