Are we safe?

Recent weapons incidents around the county, and at Cross Creek, have caused some to question safety



Weapons incidents have put schools on alert

Jamycia Jackson and Savana Swygert, Staff Writers

There have been several stories in the news lately, including incidents at Cross Creek, involving students bringing weapons to school.

The Tusk decided to ask the administrators and a few students how they felt about the state of school security at Cross Creek.

Overall, staff at the school say they feel safe.

However, most agree changes should be made to the school’s security.

One of the biggest changes staff feel should be made is to improve and extend the surveillance camera system.

School Resource Officer Alan Pitt feels as if the security here is okay but, we should have more officers here as well.

“The school security’s is okay, but we could use better cameras and more officers,” Pitt said. “This school is too big for one officer.”

Assistant principal Mr. Moore feels that our school security has improved. He said that he would give our school security an 8. He also feels we need more technology.

“The security here has improved,” Moore said. “We could use more technology, and we don’t need metal detectors because students will find their way around it.”

Assistant principal Mrs. Darrisaw thinks that this school is secure enough but we need more cameras, hall monitors, and students need to have more passes. She says metal detectors aren’t needed because it takes up too much time.

“I feel like we are secure, we need more cameras, hall monitors, and hall passes,” Darrisaw said.” No metal detectors, because of more time.”

We also interviewed students about school security.

Student Zaykia Jones says that the security at this school is alright but we need more cameras. She feels as if this school does need metal detectors because of weapons.

“It’s alright” said Zaykia. “We need more cameras, and metal detectors in case of weapons. “

Student Peace Bakwega says thinks that school security is okay but we need to include more cameras as well as hall monitors. She thinks that metal detectors are not necessary.

“It’s okay” said Peace. “We should inclu de more cameras and the metal detectors are not necessary.”