Medal men



Melvin Pell, left, and Marvin Pell displaying their medals

Brian Neill, The Tusk Adviser

Brothers Marvin and Melvin Pell are a study in gravity.

One watching them stroll down the hall with all those medals strapped to their chests might wonder how in the world they can stand up straight.

They are something of NJROTC stars because of their accomplishments and rifle skills.

Both are part of Cross Creek’s nationally ranked rifle team, and both are standouts in terms of the achievement medals they have earned.

“”Most of them come from winning the competition or becoming a top shooter of a competition,” Marvin Pell, a senior, said. “I’m ranked fifth in the nation right now.”

Marvin Pell acknowledges that the clanking of his medals as he walks down the hallways gets him some attention. And some of his fellow cadets are a tad envious of all that brass.

“Some people are,” he said. “It gives me confidence. It makes me feel accomplished.”

Melvin Pell, a junior, says he and his brother have a friendly competition when it comes to their medals. He acknowledges his older brother has more than he does, but he thinks that is going to change.

“I  will probably have more by the end of my senior year,” Melvin Pell said.

Senior Naval Science Instructor, Cmdr. Johnathan D. Shaw, said he is pleased with the brothers’ accomplishments and what they bring to the battalion.

“Both Marvin and Melvin are leaders in our program,” Shaw said. “Each of them is an outstanding cadet.  They are active in every facet of our program.”

After graduation, Marvin Pell says he plans to be a dentist and possibly become an Olympic shooter.

Melvin Pell said he has thought about joining the military after he graduates, but might pursue other avenues.

“I thought about it (the military),” he said. “But I also thought about a college that has a rifle team program or an ROTC program.”