Prom dress on fleek

Time for prom is swiftly approaching. Are you ready?

Time for prom is swiftly approaching. Are you ready?

Anijah Gordon, Staff Writer

Editor’s note: This story was written by former Tusk Staff Writer Anijah Gordon and first appeared Feb. 7, 2017


Prom. A time for excitement and memory-making, but also a time for a major dilemma: what to wear.

Searching for the perfect prom dress can be stressful. However, if you  follow these three guidelines on how to find your perfect prom dress you should have less problems finding a dress.

Your dress should be based on your height, skin tone and your body shape.

SKIN TONE: Skin tone plays an important role in choosing the color of your dress. There are three types of skin tones: warm, cool and neutral.

WARM-  Warm undertones normally go for dark skin people. These people normally look best in warm, earth colors such as olive, brown, yellow, copper, gold etc.

COOL-Cool undertones are for people who are light skin. Colors that are bright such as red, blue, pink, silver,lavender etc compliments cool under tone.

NEUTRAL- The word neutral says it all. Light colors such as grey, white, beige, cream, etch compliments people of extremely light or high color.

BODY SHAPE: Body shape has a lot to do with the kind of dress you wear.

If you have a curvy figure then you would more likely want to wear something that hugs your figure like a mermaid dress.

Ball gowns, A-line dress or an Empire waist dress are usually more suitable for body types with less curves. They give more body and compliment to that body type.

HEIGHT: A tall person would less likely wear a short dress because she have long legs. A short person would probably trip over  a long dress because they have short legs.

However, if a short person wants to wear a long dress a side split would be recommended to give them room to move or a short front long back dress which will not cause them to fall.

The taller you are the longer you would want your dress to be. The shorter you are the more room and less length your dress should have.

With that being said finding the perfect dress for prom should be easier. Following these guidelines will make it less complicated when finding a dress for any event.