Close call

Student Jose Hernandez recalls narrow brush with death

Authorities examine the accident scene on Oct. 1

Authorities examine the accident scene on Oct. 1

Marcelo Sanchez, Staff Writer

Jose Hernandez can remember that Oct. 1 morning like it was yesterday.

That was the morning when the Cross Creek senior was rushed to the hospital after his Nissan Maxima was struck by a Richmond County school bus.

Hernandez was said to be at fault, after he lost control of his car while turning into a southbound lane not far from the school, causing a local school bus to slam into the right side of his car.

Jose blacked out on impact. The crash led to the student’s car being  totaled and the senior being rushed to the hospital.

No other students were involved in the crash and the bus driver had no serious injuries.




Marcelo Sanchez
Jose Hernandez after his close call




















“It was a quick flash of yellow and after that it was just a blur,” Hernandez recently recalled.

Hernandez said he awakened inside the ambulance and could see paramedics watching over him from above.

“Everything was bright, and I passed out again,” he said. 

Although the car was in terrible shape, Hernandez escaped serious injury, suffering mainly cuts and bruises.

“I was in a lot of pain,” Hernandez said. “The doctor thought I had a concussion and a fractured clavicle, but after some scans, everything came back negative.”

Still living, still breathing, and still being ‘Jose’, Hernandez is back at Cross Creek with all of the friends he keeps dear.

One of those is senior, Noah Burnside, who recalled hearing news of the wreck that day. He said he was thankful the wreck wasn’t fatal.

“Yeah man, I knew about the wreck, but I didn’t know it was Jose,” Burnside said. “I’m surprised he came out as good as he did.”