Opinion: Do we really need senior dues?

Savanna Scott, Contributor

Should we have senior dues? This question is what I and other students wonder. 

Most of the students I talked to believed we should have senior dues. However, they think that the school shouldn’t raise the prices and keep it the same all year around.

One student I talked to said that the senior dues are necessary, but how the school increases the prices are unbelievable. They believe that the price should be reasonable. Most students thought this way and said the school is only doing that to get more money.

Many parents can’t afford the dues. They can work two jobs and still can’t pay it because of the increase in the prices. Some seniors have to skip out on all the senior activities because of this.

But on the other hand I believe we should have senior dues, let me explain why. I understand that the school needs money to pay for the activities so the school can tell every senior about the upcoming activity three months in advance so we can pay for the stuff we want to go to.

However, in my opinion the senior dues are unreasonable. We should pay every time an activity is coming up and not $215 and the price keeps going up.