Traffic Jam: Navigating Cross Creek’s crowded hallways

Sometimes it can be slow, tough going in Cross Creeks hallways

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Sometimes it can be slow, tough going in Cross Creek’s hallways

When the bell rings, everyone is rushing to get to the next class. Many students constantly complain about the issues they run into while walking in the hallways.

In the crowded hallways of Cross Creek many students have trouble getting to class on time because of all the pushing and shoving.

“The crowded hallways are very annoying,” said Kayla Jones, a sophomore.  Jones said that people brush against her, students stop in the middle of the hall, and students step on her shoes.

Tyriq Johnson, a sophomore, hates the fact of not being able to get through. Like Jones, students complain about the pushing, shoving, and even talk about the rude encounters in the hallways. Jones said she thinks the school should improve this issue by “expanding the halls or adding new areas for classes.”

Student Taylor Cullars also suggested making road-like lanes in the hallways to help students navigate them more effectively.

Johnson also said that teachers should monitor the hallways. Cross Creek requires its teachers to stand at their doors during classroom changes.

Chemistry teacher Dr. Chancey stated that teachers are already monitioring the hallways and that there is no way of really improving the hallway conditions.

Student Clanycia Goodson also thinks that there is no way to improve the hallways.

Gia Mendigelova, an exchange student, has attended three high schools and says that crowded hallways are normal to her.

Sophomore Jaquaylin Powell thinks that the crowded hallways are unnecessary and suggested that they should expand the school.

Kendrick Wright, also a sophomore, has another approach.

“It’s Gucci,” Wright said. “I just boomp people out the way.”

Sophomore Shacoria Moore says she disagrees with Wright. She said that bumping people causes problems and animosity.

Assistant Principal Sheahan liked the idea of using road-like features for the hallway. She also suggested that students use the back sidewalk more often.

“Two-Hundred Hall is the worst and 300 Hall is a good second,” said Sheahan. She said those hallways are usually so congested because “every classroom is used on those hallways.”