Tough guy with soft touch

Mikal styles a students hair in cosmetology class

Tae-Mon Smith

Mikal styles a student’s hair in cosmetology class

You might know Mikal Holmes as a heavy-hitting safety on the Cross Creek football team. But you may be surprised to see him also cutting or dying hair in the school’s cosmetology department.

“I love this class dude,” Holmes said recently in his cosmetology class. “I felt it was my calling.”

Holmes, a junior, said his interest in cosmetology came down to his family. His mother liked doing hair and is father was a truck driver. Holmes said he knew he didn’t want to drive trucks.

Holmes has learned a large variety of skills from cosmetology, from curling hair, all the way to dying just the roots on one’s hair.

Holmes also is a bit of an advice giver to a large number of the girls in this class when they have “boy problems.”

When asked what his favorite part of Cosmetology was he eagerly said “the girls man!”

Although Holmes may be in a predominately female class, he shares a lot of manly hobbies with his father.

These hobbies range from riding four-wheelers to hunting and skinning deer.

Although Holmes plans to further his career in cosmetology one day, he isn’t sure how he will use it. Holmes says, “Maybe one day (I’ll be) like the Zohan,” referring to the Adam Sandler character.

Holmes is one of the favored students in Cosmetology. Mrs. Williams refers to Holmes as “a very respectful and diligent working young man.”