Seniors planning to finish strong

 Faith Storey

Ryan Case

Faith Storey

Taylor Bauserman
Taylor Bauserman

From the first day of freshman year, everyone is ready to graduate. Eventually you get senioritis, but not these seniors. They’ve been working hard from day one.

Senior Faith Storey says she is ready to graduate, although she’s going to “definitely miss the people I’m probably never going to see again.”

Storey plans to become a graphic and advertising major at UGA.

Christian Santiago will miss school, but says, “It’s time to grow up.”

Santiago realizes that college me be a bit intimidating.

“It seems like once you’ve made it all the way to the top,” Christian said, “you go straight back to the bottom when you start college.”

Santiago said he plans to attend UGA to minor in photograph and major in business.

Taylor Bauserman, vice president of FFA, is so excited to graduate, she can’t even handle it. Asked who she is going to miss the most, Bauserman said her favorite teacher, Ms. Highfill.

“Ms. Highfill has always pushed me to do my best and conquer every challenge that comes my way,” Bauserman said.

Dakota Turner, a member of the Cross Creek swim team, is ready to graduate as much as the next senior. Dakota is always talking about how “she is going to miss going to every football game and supporting Cross Creek.” She also wants to be a doctor.