Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Glover

Mrs. Glover says a different venue for prom has to come with a price.

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Mrs. Glover says a different venue for prom has to come with a price.

Mrs. Glover is from Savannah, GA. About 40 minutes from Tybee Island. Her fondness for the city has to do with her love of shopping and traveling.  Her fondness of the country is because of how much she admires the beautiful scenery.

 “The country is the best place to take a vacation because it can be so breath-taking,” Glover said. “Especially in the spring and fall, the weather is wonderful to do outdoor activities.”

 Although Glover’s dream job was to be a veterinarian as she was growing up, her road has led her to be a marvelous teacher. Glover is a Forensics and Anatomy Teacher at Cross Creek High School who takes both pride and pleasure instructing her senior class. One of the largest contributing factors for her enjoyment with the senior class comes from the students themselves. Overwhelmingly those students enrolled in Glover’s senior class weren’t just assigned the course but had a true desire to be there resulting in the ideal learning environment for the students and the teacher.

 Glover has had a lifelong fascination with the biological and forensic fields of study with human anatomy being her favorite.

 “Who can blame me,” she said. “The human body is fascinating.”

 Glover said her lessons incorporate habits and character traits in her students that she hopes will set the foundations for future success in whatever direction life takes them. Glover has more than 13 years of experience as a professional educator. Her experiences have taken her from Hephzibah High to Cross Creek High School covering such classes as Biology, Science Study Skills, and Honors Biology.

 When asked what made her want to become a teacher, she replied, “I wanted to help young people and make sure they appreciate science and expose them to things they have not seen before.”