The face behind the food

Mrs. Bishop during a recent lunch period

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Mrs. Bishop during a recent lunch period

Some people have trouble cooking for their own family. Now imagine cooking for more than 1,000 people. It would get stressful right?


If you’re Mrs. Shannon Bishop, you do it every day. She cooks for over 1,000 kids daily at Cross Creek.

Bishop went to culinary school and has to continually attend additional training to refresh everything she knows.

She even helped the school get a perfect 100 percent on its most recent health inspection, which she was very excited about.

“We work very hard to make sure everything is safe and clean,” Bishop said.

Of course, school lunch is many students’ favorite thing to hate. Just ask junior Nadia Bell.

“They have veggie fries, veggie sticks, and veggie burgers,” Bell said. “It isn’t for me.”

But students also understand that Bishop has a difficult job.

Cody Olive, a junior, acknowledges that it would be a tough job, even though he isn’t always crazy about the food offerings.

“Naw! I can barely cook for myself.” he said about the possibility of him stepping into Bishop’s shoes.

“It’s all right,” he added. “I’m hungry, I see food, and I eat it. I don’t really care what they have as long as it’s edible, I guess.”

When we asked how the cafeteria staff selects what to serve, Bishop replied, “We have a menu committee and they come up with the food.”

They have to now start serving more vegetables and when people are mean about it, Bishop tries to explain that vegetables are not an option.

Asked if her job was stressful, Bishop said only on days when the cafeteria is understaffed.

Believe it or not, Bishop even tries to go home and cook for her family if the day isn’t too stressful.

So next time you go to lunch, make sure you think of how hard Bishop and her staff are working.