Making the grade

Cross Creek not always No. 1 in testing, but always near the top

Every year around testing time Dr.Moore gives his speech on how Cross Creek is the best school in Richmond County.

Moore tells the whole school how Cross Creek have beaten other schools with their scores on the Georgia High School Writing Test, End of Course Tests and Georgia High School Graduation Tests.

Is Cross Creek really the best school in Richmond County?

If we look at the numbers will Cross Creek be ahead of all the other schools? Numbers do not lie. Not to say that Dr.Moore is lying, but seeing the actual numbers is much more pleasing than just hearing about it.

Cross Creek Times reviewed and cross-referenced every public high school in Richmond County, from Josey to Westside.

Since every school did not have their balanced scorecards only a few of the schools scorecards were reviewed and was taken into consideration.

On the GHSWT Cross Creek high surpassed all schools except Davidson within the year 2012-2013 with an average score of 96. Cross Creek even surpassed the state’s score.

Each school profiled showed data for the school year 2011-2012. Even though it is not up to date it is still enough to compare with the high schools of Richmond County.

When comparing each school profile, Cross Creek never had the best score out of all schools, but Cross Creek’s score was always in second place.

The Academy of Richmond County and Westside had some of the best scores in the county in certain areas.

This goes to show that on paper Cross Creek High is not No. 1, but it is one of the best schools in Richmond County.

“Cross Creek had the highest CCPRI (College and Career Ready Performance Index) score,” said Moore. He also mentioned Cross Creek recently beating its’ toughest competition, Richmond and Westside.

Cross Creek also has the highest graduation rate in Richmond County, 66.2 percent..

For the balanced scorecards, which are up-to-date scores, Cross Creek did have the highest score among some other schools in Richmond County. keep in mind not every high school balanced scorecard was reviewed.