The unforgotten past

Former Cross Creek student tells harrowing story of former drug use and poor decisions.

The unforgotten past

Former Cross Creek student, Rebecca Ishee, has a past that she will never forget. Rebecca was a straight-A student until she hit her junior year, the year she was introduced at alcohol.

Little did she know that her life choices would have a lasting impact and result in the loss of a loved one.

Ishee recently told her story to an audience of Cross Creek students in the auditorium.

Ishee started partying and letting her grades slip. Soon after, she dropped out. She then got her G.E.D. and started to attend college.

During that time, Ishee  started smoking marijuana and drinking heavily. She was losing everything she had. She couldn’t keep a job. She had about 14 jobs in a time span of two years. Her friends and family practically left her behind.

Finally, Ishee made the brave decision to go to rehab and get “treatment” when she was 21. After rehab, she moved in with her brother and things started looking bright.

She finally got a job she could keep and worked her way up from the bottom to the top. Things were turning around, until one night.

On November 13, 2011, an ex-boyfriend of Rebecca’s contacted her. He wanted to meet up and get drinks and she agreed to go. She had a few too many drinks and made the decision to drive instead of calling a cab or calling a friend.

Ishee’s ex-boyfriend was in a motorcycle wreck that night and she happened to be driving on the same road a few minutes after. She was paying no attention to the road and ran over his body.

The next day she went outside and noticed her car was damaged. As she further investigated the car, she found blood and fibers of his shirt attached to her car. She panicked. She had no idea what she had done. She was later arrested for hit and run.

“In that moment, you find out very quickly who is there and who isn’t when crazy things like this happen,” Ishee said.

After everything that has happened, she has dropped all drug and alcohol use and has been sober for two years.