The Homework Blues

How much homework is too much? It depends who you ask

The Homework Blues

Tired of homework? Are teachers overloading you with it? Do you have the time to complete it?

Every student hates doing homework and studying.Imagine having seven classes a day and each of those teachers assigning homework.

Homework can be very inconvenient for someone who has a busy schedule after school or for those who have – well – other homework.

Some students think that teachers should try to be more considerate of students instead of not caring. Students complain constantly about the teachers giving them butt loads of homework. Everybody has their own opinion about homework and whether it’s beneficial or not.

Of course students hate any homework, but when is it too much? Do the teachers realize how much homework they give students? Do they even care?

“I think it’s unfair that they give us tons of work when we have six other classes, but yet they haven’t even finished grading our class work,” said sophomore Kayla Jones.

But Mr. Hobbs, who substitutes at Cross Creek, says loads of homework is nothing new.

“It’s been like this for years,” Hobbs said. “It’s a lot, but you can’t change it. In college a professor may assign even more homework.”

Sophomore Donald Davis thinks that teachers should communicate with other teachers so that they can assign homework at different times.

This could help the students out a lot, but it could also be very complicated for the teachers.

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, teachers with less experience assign more homework. Teachers with 21 years or more of experience assign less homework.

A Metlife study says that math teachers assign more homework than teachers of other subjects.

Metlife also found out that only 38 percent of children stress over homework.

So are these students complaining about too much homework overreacting or not?