Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Orne

From being a librarian to a media specialist, Mrs. Orne has had a close connection to the written word.

Her job as a media specialist can get very interesting throughout the day.

Although her job may seem dull, she says it doesn’t get boring at all.

Mrs. Orne’s least favorite part of her job is waking up at 5 in the morning and driving on Mike Padgett Highway.

But there are advantages. What she likes most about the job is helping the students, especially the ones who love to read.

“It’s different every day,“ she says.

There are many challenges and rewards that come with being a media specialist, Orne says.

She hasn’t always been a media specialist. When she was younger, her husband was in the military and she became a librarian at Fort Gordon. This is part of why she likes to travel so much. She was given many opportunities to live in foreign countries when her husband was in the military. She worked as a librarian for 30-plus years. She decided to be a media specialist instead of going into retirement.

She has been involved in library services for 14 years and this is her sixth year at Cross Creek.