Keeping the beat

Student drummer has passion for hard rock; influenced by father

Drummer Trase Sowell leans to the heavier side of music

Tae-Mon Smith

Drummer Trase Sowell leans to the heavier side of music

Tap tap … crash is a typical sound heard outside Cross Creek student Trase Sowell’s bedroom. Trase began his love for drums in 7th grade when he was inspired by his father who played drums in a 90s rock band.

Sowell said he was encouraged after “watching how extremely good my dad is at playing the drums.” 

Sowell  began furthering this desire when he began taking jazz band in his 10th- grade year.

“Jazz band is a pretty cool and fun class,” Sowell said. ” This class is like an escape from the crappy day at school I may or may not have had that given day. Drumming to me is a scapegoat for my issues.”

Sowell has a very strong passion for drums, and an even stronger passion or more of a respect for both the guitar and the bass. When asked which of these two instruments he would rather learn over drums he choose guitar, especially since a former member of one of Sowell’s bands was indescribably good at the guitar.

 Sowell has also been influenced by many other bands that range from “thrash metal” all the way to the grunge music of Alice In Chains.

But Sowell holds no illusions about being in a mega-band, saying, instead, that he will likely purse music in the future as a leisure activity. Sowell explained  how complicated it is to maintain a band and have all members pulling their weight, with strict rehearsal times and scheduled shows.

Sowell said he will forever have a burning passion for the drums as does his father.

It seems the saying “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” applies completely in this spirited drummer’s life.