Senior Spotlight: Michael King

Michael King is a senior here at Cross Creek and a football star.

He is 17 and spends most of his free time with his friends and little brother, Aidan.

“I love my little me,” King said.

He is also involved in the Backs Club, Mentoring Club, and FFA. FFA has clearly

impacted King greatly during high school.

“FFA has been everything to me,” he said.

He even shared how close he and his adviser, Ms. Highfill, have become.

“She’s helped make me the person I am today,” King said. “She’s helped me

through so many situations that I feel like she’s now a second mom to me.”

Though Highfill is his favorite teacher, King’s favorite subject is history.

“I feel like when I read about it I’m living it,” he said.

After he graduates, King is debating between going into the Navy or going to

Georgia Southern to become a physical therapist.

Whatever he chooses, King will carry his favorite memory of high school with him for the rest of his life. Knowing that he is a part of FFA every day has been the best experience, he said.