Seniors to juniors: You’ve got it easy on Capstone

Seniors think their topics for last year’s Junior Capstone Project were a lot more difficult

It’s that time of year again when everybody is getting pumped and excited for their Christmas break. Unfortunately, the juniors have one more milestone to leap over before they can enjoy the holidays: the  Junior Capstone Project.

The topics for the juniors this year range from “Global Warming” to “Condoms being distributed for sex education.”

Jared Baker has the topic “Should performance enhancing drugs be allowed in professional sports?”

Jacqueline Williams’ topic is, “Do violent videogames promote a negative influence.”

To many juniors, the Capstone Project is “too much.”

Leah Taylor feels the project is unnecessary.

“Frankly, I think it is dumb,” she said. “They’re stacking all this stuff on us and are wondering why we are still failing.”

Olivia Harrison also thinks the project is too much.

“These note cards are ridiculous,” she said. “But it is not particularly hard. It’s not the fact that it is hard. You just need to prioritize it.”

To seniors, however, the projects for juniors this year are relatively easy compared to the ones they had to do last year.

In the 2012-2013 year, juniors’ topics were on famous poets. They had to do research papers on them. In fact, many of the seniors are in a rage on how easy the Junior Capstone Project topics are this year.

“It’s stupid, and they should have to do the same thing we did,” said Aaliyah Fleming, a senior. “The topics are so much easier.”

Another senior, Tyler Reynnells, felt the same way.

“I don’t agree with the topics,” he said, “because I feel like they aren’t experiencing what we did last year.”

Judging by those comments, many Juniors this year apparently have it pretty good compared to those last year.

Either way, the Junior Capstone Project is a challenging assignment that every student has to go through.