Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Justice

Ms. Justice

Emmanuel Mixon

Ms. Justice

From Cross Creek High student to cross Creek High teacher, Katie Justice, who graduated top of her class here in 2009, has filled both roles.

Earlier this year, Justice took over a tenth-grade Literature position left open by Dr. Terry, who took a teaching job in South Carolina.

Justice was born and raised in Augusta. While in high school, she had to stay on her toes because her mother worked here at Cross Creek. Her mother is the school’s bookkeeper.

Justice also participated in many extracurricular activities such as cheerleading. She now coaches the junior varsity cheerleading team.

“Cheerleading makes you happy,” Justice said.

After high school she attended Piedmont College in Georgia. With journalism being her favorite class, it would make sense that she ended up working for a North Georgia newspaper.

Of her first year teaching experience Justice says, “There are good days and bad days.”

She said it’s mostly hard having students adjust to a new teacher in the middle of the year.

Justice said it’s also strange to now be co-workers with people who used to teach her.

In fact, her classroom is right across the hall from one of her former teachers, Mrs. Olivares.

“She was one of my best students,” Olivares said. “She was one of the best students I ever had.”

Olivares said Justice was a hard worker, had a good sense of humor, and was innovative in class.

When asked how it was being coworkers with her mother, Justice said she was used to it, considering she attended Cross Creek the same time her mother worked here.

When she is not in school, Justice enjoys exercising and spending time with her family.  She also has a puppy she adores. It is a lab mix named Auggie.