Senior Spotlight: Deslaun Scott

Senior Spotlight: Deslaun Scott

Deslaun Scott is a 17-year-old senior here at Cross Creek High School who came here from Chicago.

His favorite part of being a senior this year is having fun and walking the halls with his girlfriend, Sakina Malik.

When Deslaun graduates from high school in 2014, he would like to take a year off from school and begin his career in radio entertainment.

“I think that I am too playful right now and maybe over the summer reality will set in and I can be serious,” he said.

Scott’s overall goal is to be like “Charlamagne Tha God” and work for The Breakfast Club, which is a popular live entertainment radio show featured on Power 105.1-FM.

Some of his favorite things to watch are Static Shock and all three of the Friday movies, which are Friday, Next Friday and  Friday after Next.

In his spare time, Scott likes to make beats inspired by the DJ “Zaytoven.” Scott also has a few hidden talents.

“I like to bake my own cakes and frosting both from scratch,” Scott said. “And I like doing magic tricks.”

He also says that his favorite food is lasagna, even though he has no Italian background.

Overall, Scott loves being a senior and has enjoyed high school.

“The only thing that I wish I could have done was be on the morning announcements and been more active with the student body,” he said.

Scott also said that he loves his girlfriend, Sakina, very much.