The holiday shutdown

What does it take to close Cross Creek for winter break?

What did it take to close Cross Creek High School for two weeks while the students are away? The Cross Creek Times caught up with some key figures  to find these answers prior to the winter break.

We started our  journey for answers with the head of the school principal, Dr. Moore.

“We have lots of ‘specifics’ to take care of such as, several leadership meetings, and one of the main things, schedules for next semester,” Moore said.

However, this only scratched the surface, Moore said, adding that   “planning future events, sports events, and grades for seniors” were other priorities.

After listening to Moore’s laundry list of things to do, we spoke with head custodian, Mr. Brown. Brown’s job may seem easy, but he is in charge of turning off all lights, cleaning all bathrooms and making sure no trash gets left in the classrooms over the break. He said he also had to check in at the school over the holidays to make sure everything was safe.

There are many other things that go into closing Cross Creek for an extended holiday – so many, that some staff members, Moore included, have a special app called IQTELL to keep track of it all.

Though all this planning may seem tedious, Dr. Moore says it pays to be prepared.

“Fail to plan. Plan to fail,” he said.