Student Spotlight: Taylor Ansley

She is known to most as one of the shortest girls on the cheerleading team, or “grandma,” as  one of her friends calls her, because of how maturely she conducts herself.

But her government name would be Taylor Ansley.

Ansley is an 18-year-old senior at Cross Creek. She was born on September 28 1995 in Augusta, Georgia. She enjoys cheering on the varsity team. Her favorite television show is “Law and Order” and she loves to watch the movie “Toy Story.” Her favorite food is chicken tenders at Logan’s.

Ansley’s most memorable year was her freshman year cheering on the junior varsity squad with all her friends. After high school Ansley plans to attend Georgia State College and major in business management.

“I am very excited to graduate from high school,” Ansley said. “But I will miss all my friends.”

So when students see Ansley in the hallway, they won’t know her as the short girl or grandma, but as the soon-to-be college freshman majoring in Business Management.