Teachers take students, 18-15, in basketball game

Teachers edge out students in close game

Coach Carter in scoring territory

Marquita Snelling

Coach Carter in scoring territory

Call it the ultimate rivalry tournament – teachers against students.

That was what went down in the Cross Creek gymnasium this afternoon as students got a shot at revenge for all that homework and withholding of hall passes by slammin’ and dunkin’ on teachers and administrators.

Assistant Principal Smith goes up for a free throw
Assistant Principal Smith goes up for a free throw












But it turned out that the teachers and administrators did most of the slammin’ and dunkin’ in this game, routing the students 18-15.

Coach Carter and Chief Scott were standouts on the teacher team, using height and experience to their advantage.

But the students also brought plenty of talent. Senior Ashley Walker sank two shots consecutively with only about a minute left in the game in an impressive push to at least tie the teachers. But it wasn’t enough.

As students left the gymnasium, there was already grumbling and accusations of cheating.

“I think the teachers cheated, because the referee (Mr. Gordon) had no idea what he was doing,” said sophomore Ayana Ingram, who was cheering at the game. “I think he just went to Foot Locker to buy a uniform.”

But such jabs were all in good fun and both teams seemed in high spirits after the competition.

“It was fun. I’d say it was an average challenge,” said government and psychology teacher, Mrs. Cole. “The seniors and the juniors put on a little more challenge than the freshmen and the sophomores. You could tell they had a little more experience. I think they (students) did a good job.”

Chief Scott grabs some air during Friday's game
Chief Scott grabs some air during Friday’s game

Cross Creek principal, Dr. Moore, said his regular working out helped him keep up his stamina in the game. He said the students played hard.

“They did good,” Moore said. “Next time I think we’ll get an evening game so they can have a full game and a little bit more of an opportunity.”

Coach White was very confident before the game. She plays in the position of a guard, and has previous experience as a college basketball player at August State University. Before the game she said she thought the students had absolutely no chances of winning.

Coach Carter,  also the coach of the boys’ varsity basketball team, said he considers himself a “smart” player. Proven to be an all-around player, he plays every position from the guard to the center and everything in between. Coach Carter has also had previous experiences on a basketball team, playing in college. He, too, said there was  “no way possible”  that the students would win.