Memorable keepsake or hunk of metal?

Some students eager to get class rings; others say they’ll pass.

A Cross Creek class ring

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A Cross Creek class ring

Worried about getting old and never being able to remember your high school years?

Don’t fret. The time has come for sophomores to design and order class rings.

Class rings will help you remember those amazing teachers, classmates and other random high school experiences.

“I’m excited about my class ring,” said sophomore Nigeria Jones. “I think it’s a good idea to remember memories.”

Other students, however, aren’t convinced they need a class ring.

Senior Melodie Savellio said that class rings were a waste of time and money.

“You can go to the dollar store and buy a cheap ring,” she said jokingly.

Class rings shown on the Jostens/Cross Creek High School website range in price from about $70 to nearly $500, depending on the style and type of metal and stone.

Freshman Jhamari Glenn said no to the idea of buying a class ring.

“I’m getting a yearbook instead,” said Glenn.

Last Wednesday the 2016 class ring committee (of which I am a member) met on the subject of class rings and the upcoming ring ceremony in the fall.

At the meeting Stephen Newman of Jostens gave the ring committee ring sizers and a Jostens’s t-shirt to advertise the class rings. The ring committee posted reminders on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The committee also sized ring fingers throughout the whole week. This got many students excited about class rings.

Recently, Newman gave a presentation to the sophomores to explain the steps to ordering and the different design options of the rings. Students were able to engage with Newman during his presentation. In Newman’s presentation he showed old 90s TV shows to allow the students to reminisce about the old days. The crowd of students screamed and laughed as the video played. At the end of the presentation Newman drew two names, Savannah Key and Tatyana Green, and they won a free class of 2016 shirt.

Students who have not yet had the chance to order a class ring can contact one of the student ring committee members. Jostens will also be selling “Class of 2016″ shirts and pull-overs.

The Ring Committee includes: Mariah Jessie, Dennis Gordon, Island Smalley, Jamika Acosta-Orange, Jasmine Hughes, and Caleb Averett.