Those New Year’s resolutions holding up?

We try to make drastic changes this time of year, but we don’t always succeed.

Those New Years resolutions holding up?

It’s that time of year again when people are making a change for the better in the form of New Year’s resolutions. It’s also the same time of year that a lot of people break those resolutions.

How are the staff and students at Cross Creek keeping up with their resolutions? We checked to see.

Junior Cohen Jones has a resolution to pass all his classes with A’s and B’s. To complete this resolution he has been finishing all of his homework and studying for every test. When questioned why he chose this resolution, Jones said, “I am tired of failing classes and I’m scared I won’t graduate in time.”

Ms. Ferda is a junior language arts teacher here at Cross Creek and said her New Year’s resolution is to be smarter with her money. Ferda says she downloaded an app on her phone to track her spending habits.

“I haven’t been responsible with my finances in the past,” Ferda said. “I need to be a grown-up.”

Tazhma Thomas had a little different resolution. Instead of wanting better grades or losing weight, he wants to make more friends in this new year. To make this come true he has been more outgoing and he tries to say “hey” to everyone in the hallway.

” I want to be happier in high school,” he said. “This (his high school years) isn’t going to last very long”

Even our principal, Dr. Moore, has a resolution. It’s to get better every day. He said he often reads books about leadership skills and technology. He said he has been learning a lot from them.