Closing one door to open another

Seniors plan for college and think about the real journey that’s about to begin.

Graduation coach Mrs. Dukes speaks with student Briunna Smith

Tashay Livingston

Graduation coach Mrs. Dukes speaks with student Briunna Smith

Isn’t it crazy how we can look back just a year ago and realize how much everything has changed? The amount of people that have left your life, entered, and stayed. The memories you will never be able to forget and the ones you wish you did. It’s crazy to think that the seniors here at Cross Creek will be looking back on their high school experience in only four short months.

Cross Creek is amongst the top 3 schools in Richmond County with a current graduation rate of 71 percent. The faux diplomas are on the walls and so far it’s looking good for most seniors. The fake diplomas show which students are on track to graduate and the blank papers represent the students that are not on track right now.

“Senioritis is definitely consistent,” says Dr. Moore, principal of Cross Creek. “I see a lot of similarities between this year’s class and last year’s class. As far as timing for college applications and testing, I think it’s pretty consistent as well because a lot of students wait until the last minute.”

Some seniors are planning on going away, some plan to stay. Everyone’s plan after graduation is different.

A current senior, John Parrish, plans on going into the National Guard after he recieves his diploma. To make sure he stays on track to achieving this goal, Parrish is staying out of trouble and continuing to get his grades up.

“I’m not stressed at all,” Parrish said, “it’s just what comes next.”

His first choice would be to go to Charleston. If this plan is unsuccessful, Parrish is going to go to USC because he will be at Fort Mcentire. He will then go on to be a pilot. Fortuneately, Parrish has already passed the needed tests to further this plan.

The hardest part of preparing for college is all the time consumption acording to Parrish. While this may be, he is on track to getting where he needs to be thanks to his counselors and parents.

“I’m on track to graduating besides one class.” Givens says. “I’ve been doing my work and that’s what motivates me. I’m ready to start my life and be on my own.”

Athletes feel the same way. However, most of them are struggling to balance work and extra-curricular activities as well, but not Dallas Rogers.

The basketball player only has one thing to say: “School is easy; all you have to do is know how to maintain.”

Our FFA President, Taylor Bauserman, plans to go to Georgia Regents Universityto become a Dental Hygienist. Her mother got her intersted in this career through the job she offered Bauserman at the office she works at.

Bauserman is looking forward to moving out and meeting new people, but still has some anxiety.

“I am excited, but nervous about being on my own,” she said. “My main worry is washing clothes.”

While she is ready to get her life started, Bauserman is definitely going to miss some of the things she has to leave behind in high school.

“The friendships I have made over the past four years and Mrs. HIghfill are going to be the hardest things to say goodbye to,” Bauserman said.

Thankfully, our seniors have a great support system behind them. Mrs. Dukes, our graduation coach, was once an admissions recruiter and was tired of seeing kids clueless by the time they got to college and wanted to help.

“Find out what motivates you and hold on to that motivation to reach your end goal,” Dukes advises students. “If ya’ll have any questions after graduation, still contact me. Be sure to take the first year to find yourself.”

Dukes would like to see a better connection between academics and extra cirricular activities in high school and she is doing her best to help that happen.

All seniors need to get motivated. Class of 2014 only graduates once so make sure that if you are a senior or are supposed to be a senior, you’re walking across the stage on May 28th. It’s not too late to put in work, and it’s definitely not the time to get lazy!

Remember, you can’t walk across the stage without a diploma!