Snow Day

No student make-up days – yet. More winter weather on the way.

Snow Day

The drastic change in weather caused all Richmond county schools to close down for three days. It was clear that students and teachers were thrilled to be out, but will those snow days cause the students and teachers of Richmond County their spring break? Or will three days be added in the end of the year?

So far, for students, neither.

On Tuesday Jan. 28th Gov. Nathan Deal declared a state of emergency on later on in the day. This means that the whole state of GA was closed down. However, there were still complications in Atlanta.

Jan. 28-30 the whole Richmond County was closed down. Originally schools were supposed to be closed from Jan. 28-29 but due to the unexpected conditions it was necessary to keep Richmond County safely in their homes.  With the nationwide recognized incidents that happened in Atlanta some would consider Augusta-Richmond County fortunate.

Where would the snow days affect the school system? Is the question being asked?  “Honestly, I would not be upset because spring break is not that long and you have to get an education in order to prosper; three days isn’t nothing” said Cross Creek High Junior, Amelia Jenkins, when asked how would she feel about the snow days being made up. 

“Take away furlough days, but that’s just a guess”, said Moore.  He also referred me to look up inclement weather and GA state law. Also, Mrs. Williams, Cross Creek high math teacher said” If Georgia declares a state of emergency we don’t have to make up snow days.”  Inclement weather is unmerciful and stormy.  With Georgia being in a state of emergency it is the Georgia Department of Education allows school systems to have four days off due to inclement weather. After four days the schools would be required to make them up.

There will be no make-up days for the three days Richmond County was out. No extra days will be added onto the end of year.

That’s not the case, however, for teachers, who have to make up the missing days.

And with more winter weather predicted for this week, those make-up days could start racking up.