Teachers, get those grades in.

A student feels teachers should be more timely with entering grades.

Teachers, get those grades in.

You have just completed this major Science project and are ready to turn it in. You spent all your time on it, you skipped hanging with friends, made it your first priority, and even took a break from Twitter.  Three weeks after turning the project in your grade is still not in Infinite Campus.

You ask the teacher why the grade is not in and she says, “I haven’t put it in yet.”

 Lately around school I’ve been hearing students complain about teachers not entering grades on time, at first I thought the students were just lying it until it happened to me. 

Teachers are constantly complaining about students not turning in homework or completing assignments but they do the same thing. Teachers that don’t enter grades are flat out lazy. Is it that difficult to enter in a grade?

Entering grades can sound so small but it can make a huge difference to students. Grades are very important; they are like numbers that will someday map out your life and stability. Grades help students get into academic clubs, qualify for scholarships, and they are an important resource for colleges to use.

Not entering grades or the correct grade could mess a student’s future up. It may sound a little extra but it’s very true. Teachers also cause students to get in trouble at home.This is the worst. I’m sure that no one wants to go home and hear an ear full because of some lazy teacher(s).

I personally hate the fact that some teachers are so lazy, they are willing to mess up your GPA. I don’t think entering grades is such a hard job. Entering grades should be the easiest thing a teacher has to do. If teachers are too lazy to put grades in then they should not be teachers. I understand that teachers here at Cross Creek have seven classes a day, but we, as students also have seven classes a day. If young students are able to handle homework and projects from seven classes, old teachers should be able to sit at a computer and type. Mrs. Glover thinks teachers should put in assignment grades the week they were assigned, so students can know where they are.

“Teachers should stay organized and stay on top,” said Glover.

Sometimes I wonder that maybe the deadlines for grades are too soon but Glover disagreed, she says that the deadlines are good timing.

“It is better than the six weeks, longer than nine weeks is too long. Students need to do their work and teachers need to put in grades so they can see if something is wrong or not”, Glover stated.

She said that grades also give teachers proof of what students are doing or not. She also stated that all teachers are humans, and capable of making mistakes. 

I agree with Mrs. Glover. Teachers should enter grades as we turn in assignments.  Then students will be able to see their grades, teachers will make deadlines, and everyone would be satisfied.