Where’s the money?

How much money does Cross Creek have? Where does it come from, and where is it spent?

Wheres the money?

Where is the Money?

Many students who attend Cross Creek High School talk about how the school “has no money”. However, they do not understand that our school goes through a lot to get everything we have now.

According to the school’s bookkeeper Mrs. Justice, the school usually only gets $100,000 to $130,000 in general funding from the county. That funding often doesn’t go far.

The school usually spends about $60,000 a year on supplies. About $32,000 of that supply money has already been spent this year.  Other than the money that is sent to us from the county, we have to make our own money. This money comes from such sources as teachers paying $2 to wear jeans on Fridays and students paying to wear sweatpants. Annually, the school gets $700 to $800 from teachers and only around $100 from students,” Justice said.

Money from the students usually goes to various student activities, honors banquets, and similar events. On vending machines for drinks, we make around $3,000 to $5,000 a year, Justice said. We hardly make any profit at all on the candy machines. Cross Creek makes $10 off of each locker, with $5 of that sent to the county, Justice said. Most of the locker money we keep goes to the upkeep of those lockers, Justice said. Cross Creek gets $25 from parking passes. The school only keeps $5; with the remainder going to the county.

The budget is also divided between departments. The media center has their own budget and so do the vocational teachers, which are the teachers that are on the 100 hall. Clubs and sports also have their own budgets. The clubs and sports must make money through their own through fundraising.

Music teacher Ms. Hammock said the band gets around $2,500 a year from the county. Unfortunately, this is not enough, she said. Instruments are extremely expensive. A flute, which is the least expensive, costs $400 and Hammock must at least buy one new instrument every year. Not only are instruments expensive, but music is expensive as well. They also have a transportation budget, which is also not up to par.

It can be said that our school is poor or not well funded, but the county is contributing to this as well. And it is clear that the school has a lot to deal with.