Student Spotlight: Cheyenne Clark

Student Spotlight: Cheyenne Clark

 Do you remember that girl on the morning annocements? The one that blew all of us away by singing Alicia Keys – If I aint got you? Well that singing beauty is named Cheyenne Clark.

 Clark, 16, moved to the United States from her Canadian homeland when she was 4.  The sophomore first lived in Wisconson, before moving to Georgia. Some of Cheyenne’s hobbies are archery, swimming, and singing of course. But that’s not all she parcipitates in. She also enjoys photography and plays the flute.

 Clark has been singing since the age of 4. The first two songs that she learned were “Amazing Grace” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” from the Wizard Of Oz, which is her favorite movie. She also does karaoke at the Roadrunner Cafe.

 Clark’s favorite teachers are Mrs.Peake, Mrs. Flowers, Mr.Vann and Mrs.Hammock. Her favorite subject is music and everything but math. Clark has a sister, Sheridon, who is 13.

 Clark’s role models are Christina Aguilera and her friend Jamee. Some advice Clark gives is, “Always be brave enough to do what you like, no matter what anybody says.”