Teacher spotlight: Mr. Patton

Mr. Patton teaches math and has been teaching for a total of 10 years. His first five were taught at Murphey Middle School and then he came here to Cross Creek, which Patton says he enjoys more.

While he is currently a math teacher, Patton’s favorite subject to teach is history to upperclassmen.

Mr. Patton isn’t the only one with his last name that works here at Cross Creek. His wife, Mrs. Patton, is just a couple halls down from him.

Patton expressed how much he likes sharing the same workplace with her.

“I enjoy it because, after all, she is my best friend,” he said.

Between the two, they share six sons.

“It’s great now because I only have two living at home,” Patton said.

When he isn’t here at school, Patton enjoys hunting, fishing, and taking his wife out. During the summer, instead of getting another job, he enjoys his time off. He spends a lot of time gardening in his spare time.

“I like knowing I can grow my own food and provide for my family if I needed to,” Patton said.

Patton shares how he enjoys being the teacher rather than the student.

“I didn’t enjoy high school,” he said. “I couldn’t wait to get out.”

For Patton, the best part of being a teacher is the impact he makes on his students.

“Seeing that I make a difference in kids’ lives is one of the best feelings,” he said.