Student Spotlight: Brooke Teal

Have you ever been to a JV game and wondered who the cheer captain was? Well that girl is Brooke Teal. Teal was born March 15, 1998. She is originally from North Augusta, South Carolina, but she moved to Augusta, Georgia around sixth grade. Teal has six siblings, three brothers and sisters plus her parents, she has a large family.

“It’s chaotic but it’s kind of fun in the end”, said Teal.

Teal’s hobbies are of course cheerleading, it’s what she loves to do, and making hair bows. In her spare time she runs and works on her education to improve her future. Teal said being the JV cheer captain was hard at first but it got easier and she likes it. She also said she likes to create cheers. She also mentioned the cons of cheering.

“Being dropped and it takes away from school work”, said Teal.

Teal’s two role models are her mom and dad. Teal’s father provides everything she needs and her mother is always there when she’s dealing with problems.

Her favorite subject is math.

“because I learn something new everyday”, stated Teal.

Mrs.Justice is her favorite teacher.

“I can go to her for help with anything. She creates a friendly enviroment in her classroom. She pushes me to be better”, said Teal.

Teal likes school because she gets to see her friends everyday, it helps her strive toward a better future, and it teachers her how to become a successful. One thing she dislikes about school are the ignorant people. Her advice for upcoming sophomores and highschool students is to make sure you turn your work in on time and try your best.  After highschool she plans to go to a four year college and go into the medical field for nursing. She hopes she can go to UGA in Athens, Georgia.