Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl

Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl

While much talk at Cross Creek is about various athletic competitions, some students recently competed in a different kind of tournament – one focused on reading.

The Helen Ruffin reading bowl is a competition in which student from grades 4 through 12 all across the state of Georgia read a list of certain books, 20 in all, and then compete in a game show format where they have to hit a buzzer and respond to questions pertaining to the books.

Cross Creek competed against several area schools. Cross Creek came in second, behind Hephzibah High School.

Cross Creek’s team consisted of Ryan Oates, Riley Blackwell, Nia Stevenson, and Christian Santiago.  However, there are many more students on the Helen Ruffin reading team.

When asked about the team performance in the Helen Ruffin competition, Cross Creek librarian Mrs. Orne said, “They knew the information; they just need to work on their buzzer hitting”

Mrs. Orne plans to place region next year by reorganizing the club and building a bigger team.  She also said how fortunate it was that most of the team was sophomores and juniors, so they would be returning next year. Orne also plans to improve the team for next year on having eBooks by summer. Christian Santiago, only senior on the Helen Ruffin Club, said that,” it was cool being a part of it. I would definitely do it again if I could.”

Mrs.Orne has high hopes for the team next year and plans to put all her plans of improvement into effect.

Originating from Sky Haven Elementary School in DeKalb County by Helen Ruffin, Cross Creek competed for the first time in the Helen Ruffin reading bowl.