Girls soccer gets off to strong start

Girls soccer gets off to strong start

The ball is up and the shoes are out.

That means that girls’ soccer season is beginning.

Though students are prohibited from practicing with the ball on school grounds before the season officially starts, that doesn’t mean they aren’t doing their share of running and conditioning.

Actually, conditioning for the girls began in November. Try-outs began Feb. 5.

Players go to study hall each day after school lets out. Practice goes from 3:15 to 5:15 p.m. each day.

Girls soccer coach, Mr. N’kutula, said the team is doing plenty of running right now.

“They run three miles every day,“ the coach said.

N’Kutula said players have to run ten of those laps forward, and two of them backward.

He has high expectations from the girls this year, even if they lost a lot of good seniors.

Soccer Player Montana Larson said for conditioning they have to take tires and flip them over their heads.

“It’s a hard sport,” Larson said.

Larson said players could not touch the ball until the season started because it was illegal, to practice out of soccer season on school grounds.

Larson’s advice is to come out and be ready for it, and be ready to run.

Brock said,  “Practice can be long just depends on what they are doing.”

Soccer player Taylor Brock has played for three years now and she said, “I love it.”