BYOT… What’s taking so long?

Program’s start was slated for February, but it still hasn’t officially begun.

BYOT... What’s taking so long?

Bring Your own Technology hasn’t officially started yet, though it was supposed to begin more than a month ago.

The program, which allowed students to bring their own devices like smartphones, laptops and tablets for instructional use, was supposed to start on February 6.

Cross Creek principal, Dr. Moore, announced a trial version of the program this week.

Only 322 BYOT forms from the student body of more than 1,000 students have been returned and completed, according to Ms. Washington, the school’s data clerk.

Moore, said he is still trying to decide when BYOT will officially start.

Some have wondered if the recent severe weather had impacted the start of the program, but Ms. Washington said that was not the case.

“The weather really hasn’t has an impact on getting the BYOT program started,” she said. “The students need to turn in more forms.”

Mrs. Makowski and Ms. Dukes of the guidance department both agree that it is a good program so long as students use the technology correctly.

“Students are going to bring their technology anyways, but they shouldn’t just pull it out when they aren’t supposed to use it,” Makowski said. “You don’t come to school to use your cell phones; you come to school to get your education.”