ISS: Like prison at school

Some students learn a lesson; others don’t. But most agree, ISS is no fun.

Inside this door, is the dreaded ISS room

Tae-Mon Smith

Inside this door, is the dreaded ISS room

Serving In School Suspension feels just the same as being behind bars to some of the students at Cross Creek High School.

Students are placed in ISS for a laundry list of reasons each week. These things range from back-talking a teacher, insubordination, and of course the dreaded eleventh tardy.

However, for every student that is in ISS, there are students who have never had to suffer such a punishment and are curious to know what it’s like. What do the students do in there? Do they learn anything in there?

We had a chance to ask a few students what they thought about their time “behind bars.”

The first student we spoke with was Emmanuel Mixon, whom we asked him about his time in ISS.

“ISS was boring, tiring, straining, and its prison-like,” Mixon said, adding that he did not want to give the reason for being in ISS. “It made me upset just to hear everybody walking down the halls during class changes. It made me just want to go out there with them. All I did was sleep, and I did a little bit of work.”

Senior Tykee Tucker also received ISS recently.

She had a different take on the punishment.

“I actually like it; I enjoyed the peace,” Tucker said. “I just didn’t like how I couldn’t go to sleep. If I could go to sleep, ISS would be that ‘place.’ While I was in ISS, I did my class work, I read a book, and I worked on my USA test Prep.”

When asked what she was assigned ISS for, Tucker sadly replied, “Tardies.”

“Even though I paid my punishment for tardies,” she added, “I still didn’t get to class any sooner.”

Coach Cummings, one of the Cross Creek staff assigned to oversee ISS, said  he hopes the lesson for students sinks in when they end up in his room.

“ISS teaches discipline , consequences for negative actions and that if the students continue on this path in life they will end up in Prison,” Cummings said. “Because ISS is treated just like prison.”