Student Spotlight: Lindsey Conrad

She is a lovable and winsome girl in Cross Creek High School more and more students should know by now.

Lindsey Conrad is well-known as the active, cordial, and talented girl participating in various Cross Creek events such as Cross Creek Idol and the beauty pageant Miss Cross Creek.

Conrad is a 16-year-old sophomore and made her mark through her performance and dramatic art in CCHS.

“I love performing,” Conrad states decisively. “It is when I feel the most comfortable and when I find my self-realization.”

And she definitely can prove that: once she stands on stage, she is in her element.

She sings passionately in the school choir, entertains confidently when the Drama Club performs and highlights that with her beauty and elegance.

Conrad wants to continue in the performing arts once she graduates, saying it was her middle school chorus teacher who inspired and encouraged her.

“He pushed me to try harder and try to reach my dreams,” Conrad recalled.

During the summer, Conrad also performed in a retirement home and at the mall.

After school, Conrad exercises to stay fit and spends time with her mom and little sister.

“And since I don’t have friends, I hang out with my dog,” she quipped and laughed.

Also Lindsey Conrad is very desirous of changing something in this world. She abhors any kind of discrimination, be it skin color, gender, sexuality, appearance or origin, and thinks that it is wrong to just accept what authorities are telling her.

Even though, it is her biggest wish to become a singer, she is still aware that, no matter what happens, she just wants to be happy about what she is doing.

“I am convincing myself, I’m worthwhile,” Conrad said, “because I’m worth what I convince myself to be.”