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Quick Tips That Will Save Your Hair

September 22, 2016

If you have natural hair or you are in the stage of  transitioning  then you know there is a big struggle to find hair products that are right for your hair type because all hair is not the same. Just because it works...

Sweater Season

Matilda Savelio, Staff writer

September 14, 2016

Many people have been getting angry at the weather change, especially now that it is still summer. It has been extremely hot lately and the rainy weather isn’t really cutting it most of the time. Extremely hot temperatures and...

A Plus in Fashion

chantelle sleurs, staff writer

September 8, 2016

A  lot  of  people  have  something  to  say  about  big  girl  fashion  and  that  if  you  are  plus sized women/ girls  should  wear  this  shouldn’t  wear  that  well 2016 has been the year for plus sized wome...

Editorial: Why Do People Judge?

Matilda Savelio, Staff writer

August 31, 2016

Walking around the school I've heard many disrespectful comments about others. Being judged makes a lot of people lose self confidence, have low self esteem, causes them stress. I am very surprised that this generation of young...

Photo Illustration

The battle of the sexes

October 5, 2014

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